Monday, January 9, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Though I didn't share many pictures on instagram this weekend, it was quite eventful ... from house projects, to helping a friend move, to spending some quality time with my mom and sisters, to enjoying yesterday's beautiful weather in the city, and of course shopping, I am exhausted and the work week is just beginning! Here's a few snapshots of it all (as usual, I'm linking up to the Instagram party over a {little} dash of ash):

Friday evening, I drew out all the rectangles for my chair rail molding project.  I tend to be horrible at taking measurements, so this was the easiest (though certainly time consuming!) way to ensure the finished product was what I wanted (you can see my pencil markings on the wall to the right!).

On Saturday, I visited the Crate and Barrel outlet with my mom and found some great deals.  This "Happy" cup was only $1.

INSANE Deal on a California King size Colette bed!

One of the couch options I'm considering from Crate and Barrel.

Saturday evening, I put our miter saw to work and cranked out the rest of the molding.

The finished product!  I'll have more pictures once I get my camera to function again.  I'm still on the fence about whether I will leave it like this or paint the bottom half of the wall white.

On Sunday, Esposito and I drove into the city to brunch with my sister and her girlfriend.  We went to the Surnbunt Cow in Alphabet City for all you can drink brunch - my kind of Sunday morning!

This weekend a close friend of mine closed in a house two blocks away from mine!  Isn't it cute - she bought it for a great price and has SOOO much space inside!  We spent Sunday evening helping her and her fiance tear down wallpaper and prep the house for moving day this coming Saturday.  I'm super excited about having friends so close!
 How was your weekend?

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Tina said...

Wow that's so awesome your friends are so close! Now you can have weekly get togethers lol and damn!! I miss the crate and barrel outlet now that it's not in Woodbury which one did you end up going to?