Monday, January 2, 2012

Chair Rail Molding Ideas

So, as you saw in my weekend roundup post, I started installing wainscoting in my dining room.  I've loved the look of chair rail molding for a while, though I was always hesitant to install it in my dining space given the shared walls with the living room (and not wanting to continue the molding all around both the living and dining rooms to keep some semblance of separation between the two).  However, I finally found a solution (using the fireplace as a natural stop for the molding) and since I was home alone while Esposito was working on Sunday night, I took the plunge with some random molding we already had on hand!

Now that the process is underway, I've been looking back at some of my inspiration images.  I'm not sure yet if I should keep just the chair rail molding:

                                                                            Source: via Betty on Pinterest

                                                                                    Source: via Tuuli on Pinterest

                                                                     Source: via Katie on Pinterest

                                                                              Source: via Becca on Pinterest

add picture molding below the chair rail:

                                                                       Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: via John on Pinterest

                                                                  Source: via Kelley on Pinterest

                                                                    Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

keep the same paint color on both halves of the wall:

                                                                          Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Katrin on Pinterest

                                                                           Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Jenifer on Pinterest

or paint the entire bottom half white:

                                                                           Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

                                                                Source: via Katie Beth on Pinterest

                                                                Source: via Cara on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

or paint the entire bottom half a totally different color:

                                                                    Source: via Maryellen on Pinterest

                                                                       Source: via Meghan on Pinterest

                                                                                  Source: via Kim on Pinterest

                                                                        Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Decisions, decisions!  Maybe I should've thought this through more before starting?  Which look do you prefer?


Tina said...

i've always loved wainscoting! i wanted to do it in our old apartments dining room too lol cos i didnt give a shit what our landlord thought. i always like the all white bottom but the picture molding with the same color on both halves is kinda sharp looking too. cant wait to see it when you're done!! :)

danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

Pretty! I love this!

Alana Geikie said...

You need enough time to think and make your “Decisions, decisions!” Hehe. I’m with Tina about the picture molding, but I’ll go with keeping the same paint color on both halves of the wall. It looks more contemporary to me.