Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide - It's a Girl Thing

I love shopping for the girls in my life - mom, sisters, friends - since it's so fun to pick out things that I probably want for myself!  When shopping for girls, I like to think of what kind of person they are, what kind of personality they have, and what things that define them, and then find a gift to match what I come up with.  It helps me make sure that I purchase something ther person will be able to appreciate and enjoy.

For this gift guide, I've divided my selections into four kinds of people - The Fashionista, The Beauty Guru, The Homebody and The World Traveler.  Surely, I know girls that fall into each of those categories, if not all of them at once!

Holiday Gift Guide - Fashionista

Holiday Gift Guide - Beauty

Holiday Gift Guide - Home

Holiday Gift Guide - Traveler

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Tina said...

i LOVE this post! what great gift guides. oh man... i think im definitely the fashionista [because i want literally everything you posted] but i got a little homebody in me too! lol