Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide - For the Men in Your Life

After decorating, my next favorite thing about the holidays is shopping! I managed to do quite a bit of (online) shopping during Black Friday/Cyber Monday as some deals were just too good to hold off on. While I still have a few people on my list, I know exactly what to get and where, so for all intents and purposes, I feel pretty good about this holiday shopping season.

I approach gift shopping quite pragmatically; I like to go one of two routes - either something I know the person wants, or something I know the person wouldn't buy for him/herself. Since I'm a savvy shopper, I stay on the lookout for good deals on my "wishlist gift" items so that I can stay within my holiday shopping budget but not skimp on gifts to the people that matter most to me. I have an aversion to giving gift cards because I tend to think that if I don't know you well enough to pick something out for you, I probably shouldn't be buying you a gift!  (though don't get me wrong - I don't mind receiving gift cards)!

Since the bulk of my shopping is practically done, I thought I'd put together a few gift guides so I can shop vicariously through this blog. To start, I picked the men since most people tend to find them the most difficult to shop for!

Holiday Gift Guide - Men - Tech and Gadgets

What man doesn't like to receive the latest technology or gadget? The Iphone and Ipad are obvious choices, but other items like cool headphones, personal care items, etc. could also be useful. For the guy who already has all the latest tech, why not buy some cool accessories for their favorite item?  Cases, attachments, etc. can all be more than stocking stuffers!

Holiday Gift Guide - Men - Accessories

Part of what makes gift shopping for men so difficult is that they tend to be more minimal than your average girl. But a guy can still accessorize! Watches, shades, a murse, a designer scarf can all be customized to cater to the men in your lives' look and can be purchased at a budget-friendly price at discount stores like Century 21 or Nordstrom Rack.

Holiday Gift Guide - Men - Clothing

Some people find it difficult to buy clothing for others. I don't, since I just find something I think they might like and provide a gift receipt in case they don't! Shirts and ties are always a safe choice, and I like to jazz up this most basic of gifts by buying them in different color/pattern combinations than the guy would normally wear. A coat is also a fail-safe gift - I'm loving toggles at the moment! The latest trends in sweaters and shoes could also be a good gift.

Holiday Gift Guide - Men - Experiences

Think of what the guy likes to do most , and give them something that allows them to enjoy it! Concert or game tickets, gift certificates for a massage or mani/pedi, even packages geared towards golfing, driving, etc. experiences can be fun!

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