Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Fancies - Holiday Party Attire

Today, I'm linking up to Long Distance Loving's Friday's Fancies series, where we feature a going out look based on a theme for the week (I think that's how it works!).  This week's theme is looks for the holiday party circuit, which is quite apropos as I'm gearing up for two holiday parties next week - one hosted by a client and my company's.  Now, I work in finance, which is a pretty conservative field, so I try to balance my holiday party attire to reflect both my desire to look festive and the fact that both parties are still work-related.  Here's an idea of what I'm planning to wear:

Friday Fancies - Holiday Party

For the company party look, I like to go festive in red!  Most everyone wears black so it really allows me to stand out among my colleagues (never a bad thing, in my opinion!).  Since the color is so powerful, I like to balance it out with black tights, shoes and a bag (though the patent adds an extra something!), and minimal (but still statement-making) jewelry.

For the client party look, burgundy is a great color choice because it still comes off as festive without being as in-your-face as red is.  This dress is great because it is a conservative cut, but still has some cute detailing in the hem and sleeves.  Keeping the look monochromatic with burgundy tights and shoes helps maintain the conservative vibe, though a snazzy shoe instead of plain pumps helps give the outfit a bit of edge.  A statement necklace is key with a high neckline like this, and a fun bag keeps the outfit from being too boring.

Head on over to Long Distance Loving's post to see the other holiday party outfit ideas! 

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

ooo I love both outfits, but am really digging the first! Have a great weekend, xo