Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Engagement Pictures

Esposito and I are enjoying a loooong engagement - he proposed in Christmas 2009 and we have yet to get married (or pick a date for the wedding, for that matter)!  Growing up, I was never one of those girls who spent their time thinking about their fairy tale wedding, and, not that it's not important to me, but Esposito and I have other priorities right now than having a wedding.  Plus, we already own a house and live together so it just isn't pressing for us.  Eventually we would like to throw a big bash to celebrate our love with our family and friends, but for the time being we are enjoying just being engaged. 

Hence, even though we got engaged almost two years ago, we didn't really do any of the typical post-engagement things - no engagement party, no engagement photos, no wedding planning...  That is, until we visited Chicago with our friends Tina and Jose this past October - they offered to take engagement pictures of us (they are starting their own photography business) and we happily obliged. 

Want to see more? Check out a sampling from our photo session over at Tina's blog!

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