Sunday, November 13, 2011

House Tour - What We're Working With (floorplans)

As I (think) I've already mentioned, I first became interested in blogging when we were in the planning stages of purchasing our first home. Reading home decor blogs was my way of "planning" for our own home. I always envisioned having a home decor blog of my own, but let's be honest - home projects are costly, timely, and not always on schedule - so I never really got around to making one. Lately, I've been reading more and more fashion, hair/beauty and wedding blogs so I hope to write a bit on those topics as well.

But, in the interest of sharing some of our current and upcoming house projects (and building a little blog archive;)), I thought I'd kick things off with a little house tour to show where we started, where we've come to, and where we are hoping to go over time.

I always appreciate blogs and house tours that provide floor plans as it helps me visualize exactly what they are doing and how the images they provide fit into the overall home. So I thought it only fitting to kick off my "house tour" with a floor plan of our current home. I drew this up on (a fabulous, if sometimes tricky-to-use floor plan site), and while I tried to keep measurements as close to true as possible, certain walls and placements may be a bit off. The floorplanner site allows you to add furniture to your plan, but since things are constantly changing around here, I thought I'd just post the basic floorplan.

First floor:

1. Entryway
2. Living Room 
3. Dining Room 
4. Utility closet (furnace and hot water heater) 
5. Kitchen 
6. Powder Room 
7. Laundry Nook 
8. Garage

Second floor:

1. Hallway 
2. Bedroom 1 (currently the master bedroom) 
3. Bedroom 2 (currently my dressing room) 
4. Full Bathroom 
5. Bedroom 3 (currently esposito's dressing room/office) 
6. Bedroom 4 (currently the guest room) 

And that, in a nutshell, is our home. It's a 1950s-era colonial, a very popular style of house in our and neighboring towns (a drive around town brings new meaning to housing development project!). It has plenty of space for us, though is by all means a modest home for the area, given its age. Next up, I'll show you some before and durings (as we are far from an "after" stage) of the main rooms.


Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

Love seeing a floor plan - you're right, makes things easier to visualize. Looks like a nice space!

Tina said...

Yay! love your floor plans. so professional. and you know... if you're looking for nice after photos to be taken... always think of me :)