Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Outfit Post - Military Chic Style

As I mentioned last week, I decided to link up to Bloggers Do It Better for the Military Chic assignment since I've loved seeing bloggers' take on previous assignments and since now I have a blog too.  Now, I am by no means a fashion blogger (nor do I have the equipment, wardrobe, or poise to pretend to try to be one!) but fashion and styling is something I enjoy, so I hope to be able to, on occasion, showcase some "what I'm wearing" posts.

Here is my take on Military Chic:

Jacket from NY&Co, Striped Cardigan from JC Penney, Grey tank from NY&Co,
Cargo skinny pants from Gap, Grey booties via DSW

As you might have seen in last week's post, I was contemplating three different outfits for the look - I managed to try on and photograph the other two looks (thanks to Esposito, who grudgingly woke up early to take these pictures of/for me - if the pictures are horrible, you can thank him ;)).  I ultimately chose the grey version because it was the most involved (I read somewhere that every outfit should have at least 5 pieces for depth and interest - and totally agree!) and because I figured wearing army green was a little too obvious and the leggings outfit, minus the sweater, wouldn't have been Military Chic at all!  (Thanks Skippy Says for your vote)!

Jacket from Loft, Striped sweater from Gap, Khaki's from Banana Republic, Boots via TJ Maxx

Sweater - vintage via Goodwill, Gold chain from Jewelmint, Black tank from H&M,
Black leggings from NY&Co, Black OTK boots via TJ Maxx

Which outfit do you like better?


Ruby Girl said...

I love them both! But I think the first one is my fave. And I LOVE those booties!! Great outfit post, keep em coming! :) <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

Ly said...

I love your outfits. My favorite is the first one...FYI I need your shoes haha.



Congrats on your first outfit post! Mine is coming soon. I think the first is my fav. It was a hard pick between that one and the third.


fati said...

very nice and thanks for your blog for more make up for see:

Lauren (BestTrendz) said...

I like the first look