Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Spend February Recap & Spring Wishlist

At the beginning of February I challenged myself to not buy anything for the month.  We (hopefully) will be making some BIG purchases over the next few months (a new sofa, a new car...) so it seemed a bit frivolous to me to be spending money on things I don't really need (plus February is a short month so I figured it would be easier).  Now that the month is done, I can proudly say that I (mostly) stuck to my goal.  For the whole month I only purchased three sweaters, spending a total of $25. 

Not too shabby.  Of course, I now feel deprived and it will be twice as difficult trying to spend less money in the month of March!  Not to mention there are a few wardrobe staples I have noticed are getting shabby and need to be replaced for the spring, along as some spring trends I want to add to my wardrobe.   I have about a hundred dollars in store rewards (from DSW, Macy's and Gap) so I hope to be able to put those to good use to beef up my closet without using up too much extra cash.  Here's a look at what I'm hoping to acquire over the coming month.

Spring Wishlist

1. Basic black pumps - I go through these like water because I literally wear them every day for work.  A new pair is a must every few months, and it is nearing that time.  I love the Nine West Rocha (I have them in nude patent leather as well) because they are comfortable and the perfect height to be work appropriate but still leg-lengthening!

2. Neon is all the rage, and I'd really love to buy a couple of pieces to add to my wardrobe for spring.  I think blouses are the best option because I can easily tone them down with a neutral bottom and cardigan or jacket, and these captoe flats are adorable with just the right amount of color punch. 

3. Printed pants are also everywhere.  I'm not a fan of the floral prints seen all over (they look a bit '90s to me), and even the leopard print took some warming up to but now I think they may be fun!  Ideally I'd find a fun Ikat or geometric print that's within budget, and I think I may even like those more than the leopard version!

4. I'm carrying a basic black leather handbag right now, but I'd like a little something brighter for spring.  This tote is perfect for work or weekends (and I always need a roomy bag because I literally carry my life around at all times).

5.  I tend to be very allergic to jewelry so I don't often purchase costume or faux pieces.  I've been coveting a pair of oversize studs for a while now, and really like these Kate Spade earrings, especially the scale and color options.  Hopefully they are hypoallergenic.

6. Mint is a color I'm loving for Spring - a pretty pair of pastel skinnies would be great in my wardrobe.

7. Nude flats are so versatile in the spring/summer months - with skirts or pants, for work or play, they look polished and trendy at once.  I had a Nine West pair that I loved, but my dog ate them so they need to be replaced!

Do you have a Spring Wishlist?

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briannelee said...

Wow, $1.50 for a sweater? Not bad!