Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Fancies - Spring Break Season

I never took a traditional spring break trip during my college years.  I didn't mind though - the (stereotypical) spring break crowd/atmosphere was never really my thing.  In fact, in 2008, a group of girlfriends and I decided to vacation in Cancun and specifically chose Memorial Day Weekend to avoid the Spring Break crowd -- little did we know, Cancun is basically Spring Break all year round!

Nonetheless, I have quite fond memories of that trip to Cancun - it was my first "girls vacation" and we had a blast.  We've even made it a tradition - taking a "girls vacation" every other year.  One of the things I liked best about Cancun in particular is that there is so much to do; by no means were we confined to the resort the whole time we were there -- we ventured out into town, did day trips, went to local nightclubs, etc.  We did so much that we each had three wardrobe changes per day - one outfit for the morning at the beach, one outfit in the afternoon for walking around town or doing some sightseeing, and one outfit in the evening for dinner and dancing.  Thankfully, we each brought big enough wardrobes to sustain all those outfit changes for the whole time we were there!

So, when I saw that the theme for this week's Friday's Fancies was Spring Break Season, I knew I wanted to create a capsule wardrobe for a similar, Spring Break style vacation.
Friday's Fancies Spring Break
  1. I'm a swimsuit hoarder, typically packing at least one swimsuit per day I plan to be on vacation.  I include different styles and colors of swimsuits so that I can switch it up depending on how I feel (and think I look) on any particular day.  Along with each swimsuit, I typically pack one coverup; in terms of coverups I like to keep to those that look like regular clothes when on (so I don't have to worry about getting changed if I'm going straight from the water to lunch for example) and in neutral colors so that I can wear them with different swimsuits.
  2. A pair of shorts (or two) and a basic tank are always a must have - you never know when the whim will strike to do some sort of outdoorsy activity, like horseback riding or hiking.
  3. A girl should never travel without her accessories.  Different earring options are the absolute minimum, and usually all I wear on beach vacations (because I do go in the water).  Sunnies are of course a necessity (I like to pack several pairs).
  4. Dresses and rompers are a key staple in my vacation wardrobe - easy to throw on and an instant outfit.  A couple of maxi dresses work great for breezy evening dinners, while sundresses can be thrown on for afternoon or evening activities and rompers work great for parties.
  5. I have a very strict policy when it comes to packing shoes - because I tend to pack only a carry on, I limit myself to one pair of heels.  Neutral wedges are perfect because they literally go with everything and can be dressed up or down.  Of course, flip flops make the cut for actual beach wear, and metallic sandals in gold and silver will work with different outfit options outside beach time.  A straw tote for the beach and a straw clutch for off-beach time, and a big floppy hat are equally adaptable to whatever you are doing or dressing for while on vacation.
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ashlyn williams said...

great looks girl! love them all :]

xx :: ashlyn
let it be beautiful

briannelee said...

You picked some great items Wendy! Love the striped suit and the green romper.

Nicole Rene said...

Aww I need a girls trip!!! :( Love all the outfit inspiration!!!! Such great finds!!

Nicole Rene