Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bathroom Update - Shelf DIY Inspired by Pinterest

Our main (and only full) bath is nothing to write home about.  Don't get me wrong - it's a nice sized space that would function well as a main bath, but since it is our only full bathroom we avoided doing a full scale renovation on it when we moved in, opting instead to change out the sink and toilet while leaving the (old) cast iron tub and (random) wall/floor tiles to be replaced later on (when we add an addition and an ensuite to the master bedroom).  So, from a design perspective, there's still much to be done.

While we did have enough space to add dual sinks when we moved in, the bathroom lacks storage otherwise.  Just outside the bathroom is a linen closet that houses our towels and extra toiletries, but I wanted to add a space to have those on hand in the bathroom itself.  So when I saw this picture on Pinterest, I knew that it was something I could easily do to add some character and storage to the space.

A few weeks ago, I sent Esposito to Home Depot to pick up a shelf and some brackets.  You may remember this picture on my Instagram feed:

The brackets were about $8 each, and I believe the wood for the shelf was an additional $10-$15 (of course, Esposito doesn't remember)!  A coat of primer and two coats of white semi-gloss trim paint (already on hand) later, the brackets and shelf were ready to put up (no pictures because my camera was broken)!

Here is the bathroom window before the shelf and after.

Bathroom Window Before Shelf
Bathroom Window After Shelf
I still need to paint that random beige strip just under the casing - I'm not sure what it is or what it's there for (doesn't seem to be part of the window) and I never really noticed it until now that I'm looking at these pictures!  Also, I'm not yet entirely sure how I'm going to style it up - since the ceiling above the shelf is sloped, anything I put on there can't be more than 6" tall.  I am on the hunt for some pretty boxes to conceal extra toiletries and additional towels to fold prettily up there. In the interim, I shopped my house for some pretties to adorn the shelf. 

For sure, the apothecary jars ($5 before a 40% off coupon at Joann's) will stay to hold cotton balls and q-tips.  I'd also like to find some "bathroom" art for the frames.  The plant typically goes on the sink ledge, so it gets some light, but I may leave it up there and see how it fares for a bit.  At some point, I may also make a DIY roman shade to hang under the shelf - but I need to first find the perfect fabric!

At first, I was afraid that the shelf was going to look a bit too country, but I actually like it and the character and function that it brings to an otherwise unusable space.  And for a ~$30 project, it can't be beat.  What do you think?

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Tina said...

i love it! it looks so good and its great to now have that extra space purely for decorations. i think you did good with your random styling but cant wait to see it completely 100% done :)

Josie said...

oh, how cute! It's the perfect touch over that window!