Friday, June 1, 2012

And then it was my birthday...

So I know I've been a bit MIA... May was a crazy month.  I went on vacation the first week (to the Dominican Republic, with my family) and then came back and had 2 weeks to prepare for a major work trip to Mexico City that consumed all of my time.  And then I came back from Mexico City and it was memorial day weekend, and then all of a sudden it was my birthday (May 31) and I realized the whole month flew by and I had only blogged once!  Ooooppss!  But I'm back now, hopefully stronger than ever, and even one year older ;). 

I had a fabulous birthday courtesy of Esposito, who for all the crap I typically give him still knows how to make a girl like me, who is rarely satisfied, feel special.  A massage, lunch al fresco and a bit of shopping rounded up my day, and a fabulous dinner at a new local hotspot rounded out my evening. 

Hi-low floral dress - LC Lauren Conrad // Shoes - Jessica Simpson via Marshall's

Bloggers always look so cool posing backwards... not too sure it worked as well for me!

Isn't my guy handsome?

The only thing better than being in the city, is being right in front of it!

It's only fitting to drink Mojito's if you're eating at a Cuban restaurant!  I meant to take pictures of the food too, but alas the drinks got to me first!

Needless to say, we were having a good enough time that we brought the nightfall in.

And finally, my presents.  A new computer (now I really don't have an excuse for not blogging) and flowers from my friend (I know, I know my arrangement isn't the prettiest, but hey - I never said I was a florist!).

Though I did the bulk of my celebrating yesterday (I like to keep things low key - I plan on being under 30 forever so there's no sense in celebrating getting any closer to that age!) I'm pretty sure my birthday fun will continue into the weekend.  I'll be back Monday with some more snippets!  Hope you all have a good one!

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