Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loving Lately ~ Potting Benches

One of the best things about summer is spending time outdoors, and Esposito and I really try to make use of our yard by grilling dinner and eating al fresco every night that the weather permits.  Though our patio area has taken a backseat to other house projects we have pending, now that we are making more use of our yard, we are starting to long for a prettier space to enjoy.  Of course, budget considerations won't let us do too much too soon, but I am looking forwards to making it a prettier space no less.

One look I'm loving lately is potting benches.  Now, I don't have the greenest of thumbs so I don't do much gardening (you should see what my herb garden looks like now - poor plants!) but I think a potting bench could be so useful for entertaining as a place to put beverages, utensils, and food while still serving its utilitarian purpose when not entertaining.  Plus, a potting bench tends to look so charming when staged.  Behold:


From Bloomacious Digs
Red Potting Bench
Ellsworth Entertaining Buffet
Potting Bench- Outdoor Bar
I must figure out a way to make one of these ... stay tuned! Do you have a potting bench?


Heather said...

I have been eyeing potting benches lately as well, but I am just not a green thumb so I'm not sure it would be useful/practical to have one. They are so cute though!!!

Anonymous said...

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