Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Positive Affirmations Jar Favor

I created these favors for a sorority function last year, and it received such rave reviews that I was asked to create them again.  I thought I'd pass along the idea/steps for any of you that may have events you are planning for.  What I love about these favors is that they are easy to make, relatively cheap and also meaningful.  There's little I dislike more than receiving a favor that just becomes clutter in my home. 

I started off with a list of affirmations gathered from a variety of inspirational quotes websites.  In this case, I used mostly quotes having to do with women and achievement as that was the audience.  But the quotes can be tailored to be as generic or specific as necessary.  I added the affirmations to a table in Word, and printed them out on colored paper.  Each column of the table of affirmations includes the same affirmations, so that I only used half a sheet of each colored paper per jar.

I left the gridlines on the table in Word for printing, so that I had a natural template to cut across.  This is probably the most tedious process of the entire project - cut each affirmation into a strip, and then fold into a tiny square and fill each jar.

I used a label template to find a circle that would fit the top of each lid (just google mason jar lid template) and also printed labels for each jar.  Cut and attach (the jars I used had a removable top that I affixed the label to - you could also use a hole punch and ribbon to tie the label around the jar instead).

Assemble and display - a quick and easy favor that the recipient is sure to love.

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