Monday, April 2, 2012

Beer Festival Recap

Esposito likes to think of himself as a connoisseur of beers - he is constantly stocking our fridge with various varieties of craft brews for our tasting pleasure.  While I'm more of a vodka kind of girl myself, on occasion I enjoy sharing a bottle or two of his hobby with him .  So when he suggested we attend the Atlantic City Beer (& Music) Festival this past weekend, I was more than willing. 

The beer festival is setup in the Atlantic City Convention Center - basically a big warehouse where various brewers setup stations and you walk around and sample everyone's brews.  In addition, they add a few live bands to the festivities as well as grease trucks and food vendors to keep all the alcohol from overwhelming you!  The attendees were a mix of beer aficionados and people just ready to get plastered.  We tried to remain in the former category, but likely tipped into the latter at various points in the day ;).  Here are a few snippets of our day, shared via Instagram!

My outfit - denim shirt, mint green skinnies and cap toe flats

After a 2 hour drive, we were excited to finally reach our destination
Welcome Banner

It's amazing how quickly you can get drunk the beer gets to your head off of only 2oz sips
Not sure what a sandcastle has to do with a beer festival, but apparently they make one every year
Esposito has discovered the picstitch app and now refuses to post instagram pics in any other way.  His best friend (from kindergarden!) joined us as well.
All in all a good way to spend our Saturday!
I'll be back tomorrow with a roundup of the latest projects around the house!

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