Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's in a Name?

The first two times i tried to start this blog, I racked my brain for hours on a catchy name.  I came up with nothing - clearly the reason why i never followed through with my blogging;).  Two nights ago, on a random trip to buy dog food at our local pet store, my boyfriend decided we should get our dog Zoe a new collar. 

Zoe is a soon-to-be three year old pitbull - 60+ lbs of pure love and joy who thinks she is a lapdog.  Her favorite thing in life is to make out with people (no lie!  she will lick you to death if you allow her), followed closely by vegging out on the floor .  Though she is distinctly a pitbull, and her size can be menacing, she is the biggest sweetheart ever (if still a bit crazy).

The day she joined our family, 2/14/09
Hanging out in the yard last month, enjoying the end of summer

Ever since we got her, on Valentine's day 2009, the boyfriend has wanted to get her a spiked collar.  I've never agreed because I think diamonds are more her style.  At the pet store, the boyfriend picked out a thick, spiked collar and I found a glam, rhinestone one.  When we met in the middle of the store to show each other our findings, I made a joke - Spikes & Sparkles.

I found motivation to re-try the blogging thing that night after hanging out with our friends Christina & Jose and finding out that Christina has been writing a blog all along!  And I had already come up with the perfect name - Spikes & Sparkles - that day!

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Brandi said...

Hi Wendy! Nice to meet you! I found that coming up with a catchy blog title was one of the hardest parts about blogging for me too! I love the name you chose! Such a cute story behind it! Take care!!