Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hello Again!

Where does the time go?  Just when I was getting into the blogging thing, life takes a huge turn and then all of a sudden it's almost two years later!

So much has happened since my last post that I wish I would have blogged about it so I could remember it all!  Many changes at work (more aptly put, mass upheaval), some good and bad, but a lot more responsibility came my way and some great travel opportunities to Asia and Europe took a lot of my attention.  Lots of vacations as well - to Ecuador, Thailand, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Turkey and the Maldives - tied me up the times I wasn't traveling for work.  Oh yeah, and the wedding that pretty much sums up my whole 2014! Phew!

But, I'm back.  I've been kind of itching to do something new and different and thinking this could be the creative outlet I originally intended it to be once again.  No promises on posting frequency, topics, projects, etc., just more of an ongoing musing/tracker/online diary to help me organize my thoughts and ideas and keep track of my life.  Hopefully someone is still reading along ;)

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